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Primo Puppy School - Virtual Classroom

Crazy, rapidly changing times will mean you have to rethink the way you thought you would be do things for your puppies early education.

But is the thought of how to do this freaking you out?  

Then let me guide you!

Step 1 - have you decided how  you want to train your puppy?

Positive Reinforcement


Step 2 - Are you proactive and ready to absorb right now the techniques and advice that I know you need.

Yes, GO straight to Step 3!

No?  What thoughts and beliefs are getting in the way of you saying yes and solving your puppy woes as quickly and painlessly as possible?  Ask yourself this, do you actually have the time to deal with problems?

Maybe it is the prospect that your puppy won't be able to socialise off leash with other puppies, so what's the point?

If this is your belief, that puppy school is all about off leash play, then I need to alter your belief, it's about so so much more than just that.

Your puppy has already had, since 3 weeks of age (the onset of their first critical learning period) the opportunity to social with it's own species, litter mates, mum, dad, maybe even the breeders other dogs. That's 5 -7 weeks of social interaction before you even get your puppy home.

Now it's time to socialise your puppy to the urban world in which you live and exist everyday and in which you need your puppy to handle without a care or concern.

Are you ready to know how to do this?

Step 3 - Join me, as I help you navigate this rapidly changing environment and teach you how to guide your puppies in the most critical period of their lives.

Facebook is where this is going to happen.

What's included?

  • Puppy training
  • House training
  • Puppy solutions
  • Body language
  • Socialisation techniques
  • Mental Enrichment

How are we going to do it?

  • Through a virtual classroom - Live Zoom sessions each week. 
  • Video submissions 
  • Tutorials & Webinars.

How do I Join?

Once you've enrolled, you will receive an email with a unique  access word.  Click the link on the email to get to the group and answer the questions to join, it's that simple.

Owner of Manners n More

Colleen O'Dea

Owner & Operator of Manners ‘n’ More Companion Dog Training. I hold a current qualification as a Nationally Qualified Dog Trainer and in Teaching and Assessing. Currently working towards my Cert 4 in Companion Animal Studies.I am a lecturer of Companion Animal Studies at Challenger Institute of Technology.Above all I am proudly owned by 3 beautiful Rottweilers, and an advocate for the breed and responsible dog ownership.

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