Rally 'O' for Dogs

Rally 'O'

taught by Colleen O'Dea

Course description

What is Rally 'O'

Rally O (short for Rally Obedience) is an amazing, fun, fast-moving and motivational sport for both handler and dog.

There are 32 exercsies to teach your dog which are then laid out on a course like the one above.  You work as a team to negotiate the course.

Rally 'O' can be entered into as a sport ith a club where you'll demonstrate competency in basic obedience exercises but without the precision of formal obedience classes.

Dogs in rally events should demonstrate a willingness. Both dog and handler should exhibit enjoyment of working as a team.

We strongly encourage the use of verbal praise, encouragement and food usage whilst
practicing the courses.

Watch our boy Boss at 6 months of age giving a demo at the Perth Royal Show.

This is by no means a perfect run but it's fun :-)

Who is it for?

Rally 'O' is simply for everybody!

It's especially handy for those who;

  • Are in a remote location and can't get to classes
  • Have a reactive dog who can't join group classes
  • Want to work at their own pace in their own yard or park
  • Want to learn something new
  • Want to learn how to walk on a loose leash in a fun way

What do you get?

This course includes:

  • Lifetime Access To Rally 'O' Online
  • 8 Module Training Plan
  • How-to Videos for Each Exercise
  • Training "Nibble" Videos for Extra Guidance
  • Home Courses for each Module
  • Full Set of 32 Signs to print off for use at home
  • Learn To Train Using Ethical, Positive And Science Based Methods
  • Become Part Of Our Facebook Rally 'O' Community To Share And Learn With Others

See below for details on the week by week training you'll get

Colleen O'Dea
Colleen O'Dea
Owner of Manners n More

Owner & Operator of Manners ‘n’ More Companion Dog Training.

I hold a current qualification as a Nationally Qualified Dog Trainer and in Teaching and Assessing. Currently working towards my Cert 4 in Companion Animal Studies. Most Recently I've achieved my qualification as a Advanced Proprioception Instructor.

Above all I am proudly owned by 3 beautiful Rottweilers, and an advocate for the breed and responsible dog ownership.

Course Curriculum

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