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Boredom Busting Ideas for Dogs
| taught by Colleen O'Dea

What's it all about?

This module is full of must have ideas and boredom busters that our team at Manners 'n' More HQ use daily with their own dogs. We know just how critical mental exercise is to our dogs, their general well-being and cognitive function, now let us share with you what we all do!

Why do I need I need enrichment?

Apart from being essential for post-operative dogs who are crate bound, Enrichment aids with the development of puppies, assisting with learning, confidence and brain development. In dogs, it assists with continued development, prevention of nuisance behaviours and in our seniors it can assist with cognitive decline. 

What does this module include?

  • What is Enrichment and how to use it, why you absolutely need it.
  • Learn about the different types of enrichment.
  • How-to videos to show you how you can make your own and how to use store-bought enrichment effectively.
  • Road tests to show how your dog will interact with it.
  • Learn what to do when he doesn't interact with it.
  • Use our 7 Day Planner, it's easy - we've done all the hard work for you, leaving you with more time for other important things.
  • Free updates - as new products and ideas come up, we'll add them to the module

This course is usually offered as a workshop at our Perth facility and costs $95 to attend.

It's yours forever for just $60.

Let me tell you a little story....

I came home one day to a ‘rangers’ notice stuck to my front door stating ‘Nuisance Barking’ issues!

Immediately I crumpled up the notice, lifted my chin with the defiant attitude of ‘it must be someone else’s dog’. The only problem was, it wasn’t, it was mine!

I was mortified! I literally could not fathom how this could possibly be my gorgeous ‘Chica’ girl - she doesn't bark!

This was not something I could simply ignore, I was in serious s@*t if anymore complaints rolled in. I had to do something, but what??

If only I knew then, what I know now: 2 life saving words!

‘Mental Enrichment’

I wasn’t always a dog trainer. I was, and still am a dog owner first, and I know all dogs have the potential to exhibit problem behaviours that stem from a lack of mental enrichment.

Maybe your back lawn is littered with wire mesh to cover up the holes dug to China? Or has your garden been re-landscaped or maybe you don’t even have lawn because your dog chewed up your irrigation (expensive stuff) or worse and just like me you got the ‘rangers notice’

Don’t let these things continue to be a problem or better yet, don’t let these things ever become a problem, prevent them from happening in the first place.

We’ve all heard ‘prevention is better than the cure’ but I wonder how often we take the advice when it’s placed right in front of our faces!

Well here it is, my experience to you, my advice is a finger click away. Take it!

Who is this for?

This module is for the 'Proactive', for the person who knows they want to do more for their dog! It's for the 'Time Poor' who don't have time to think about what to do and having it mapped out will be a timer saver. It's for the 'Dog Owner' who just doesn't know what to buy, what will last or what to do when your dog doesn't use it!

Colleen O'Dea
Colleen O'Dea
Owner of Manners n More

Owner & Operator of Manners ‘n’ More Companion Dog Training.

I hold a current qualification as a Nationally Qualified Dog Trainer and in Teaching and Assessing. Currently working towards my Cert 4 in Companion Animal Studies.
I am a lecturer of Companion Animal Studies at Challenger Institute of Technology.

Above all I am proudly owned by 3 beautiful Rottweilers, and an advocate for the breed and responsible dog ownership.

Course Curriculum

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Busy Canine Brains
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7 Day Planner
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Fun Feeder
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Bob-a Lot
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Scavenger Hunt
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Sensory Coaster
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Snuffle Ball
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Reviews (2)

Enrichment Course

by Lesley Lynham
A great resource for all dog owners, well done Colleen and the team :)

by Candy Baker

Enrichment Course

by Lesley Lynham
A great resource for all dog owners, well done Colleen and the team :)

by Candy Baker