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Colleen & Riva O'Dea

Mental Enrichment

This module is for the 'Proactive', for the person who knows they want to do more for their dog! It's for the 'Time Poor' who don't have time to think about what to do and having it mapped out will be a time saver.

Colleen & Riva O'Dea
$50.00 first payment, $8.00 / month onwards

Primo Puppy School

Give your puppy the best start in life using the most up-to-date methods in dog training. No "nose rubbinng in poo" or "rolled up newspaper": those methods are outdated and ineffective. Just solid, common sense advice for a strong bond with puppy.

Ashleigh Leece

Dogs & Storks by Ashleigh Leece

Check out the podcast with Ashleigh Leece talking about the Family Paws Education Program is all about. Hosted by Colleen from Manners 'n' More Dog Training, there are great examples of how under-prepared most parents are when bringing a baby home.

Colleen & Riva O'Dea

Rally 'O'

An informal take on formal obedience. Courses are laid out with exercises on cards which you and your dog navigate. A fun way to exercise and bond with your dog!